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Non English Non Binary Logo

Welcome to NENB!

What's this?
NonEnglish NonBinary is a comm for non-binary trans* people who speak languages other than English as their first or primary language! There’s a lot of pronoun choices and discussions of non-binary language in the English-speaking internet sphere, but it can be difficult to find even the most basic information in other languages. This is a place for people who face those kind of problems to hang out, talk, swap advice and stories and support each other.

Who’s it for?
Non-binary, genderqueer, agender, and gender???????? people who have to navigate languages other than English! Wherever you live & whatever your first language is, come in and introduce yourself!

Who isn't it for?
Binary people, cis or trans, and nb people who speak English as their first & everyday language: you guys can still hang out and read what we’re talking about, but remember this isn’t primarily your space and don’t talk over anyone.

Who runs this place?
The creator and currently sole mod of this comm is [profile] bienenwolf! You can contact me here on DW or via email at avacumallo @ gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns!

What’re the rules?
Posting is open to all members, but keep these in mind:

  1. The main language of this comm in English, for ease of understanding, but you can post/comment in any language if there’s someone to talk in it with.

  2. No language policing. Anyone can post here, we don't care how good or polished your English is.

  3. Be kind to each other! Disagree about things, but don’t start wank.

  4. Make use of DW’s inbuilt age restriction settings if needed. This should be as safe a space as possible for anyone.

  5. No appropriative shit - I don’t want to see any “trans-ethnic” or appropriating other culture’s gender concepts here.

  6. No other bigotry either; no racism, (trans)misogyny, ableism, etc.. I hope everyone here will be posting in good faith, but fuckups and misunderstandings happen. Do your best to handle it gracefully if you're at fault, however accidental.

  7. If your post contains potentially triggering or upsetting content you must put a warning in the title or in bold before the main body of the post! If members have triggers that are uncommon please contact me and I’ll put up a list of things to warn for.

If you have any questions or suggestions for further rules, feel free to comment on this post! Comments are screened so I can contact you privately if you prefer.


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